Valet Parking
Providing valet parking service  for an event that you are hosting at your home, or any location is a mark of  a gracious host. You want nothing but the best for your guests  by providing convenience and hospitality the moment they arrive, but more often than not it is a necessity.
Valet parking
  • Help assist guests in getting to their destination
  • Improve traffic flow and operating efficiency
  • Maximize parking space
  • Respite from inclement weather
  • Add prestige to the event

Premier parking services can assist you with your parking needs by making your guests' arrival and departure flawless. With over 20 years of experience we are specialists at valet parking. Our management can deal with any parking situation.

Do not hesitate to call us, we love what we do, and we  would love  to discuss your parking needs with you. There is no pressure to or obligation on your part. Regardless if you hire us or not we want your experience to be a pleasant one.                       


Availability of parking, the number of people attending  determines how many attendants will be needed for an uninterrupted service along with the duration of the event establishes the cost. Premier parking's pricing structure is extremely competitive with the industry standard. We will work with you and your budget to provide our exceptional service for your event.

Fully Insured:

The safety and security of your guests and their vehicles is our number one concern. We have the most comprehensive coverage available including general liability, garage keepers liability, garage liability, and workers’ compensation

Our Agent :

CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS AGENCY of Pittsford, NY   (585) 586-3060

Thank you for considering premier parking ,If you decide to go ahead with the service we will send you a detailed proposal of the services we will be providing along with a certificate of insurance with the locati on address. We would meet with you prior to the date of the event to go over details , special instructions or requests that you may have.

Checklist for hiring a valet company:

By Parking Today,
  • Know your vendor. Ask about its background.
  • Check references, go on-line and read reviews
  • Create a specification that the company has to meet
  • look into why there is such a wide variety in pricing- there is a reason
  • Meet the people who work there. Find out what they do.

Our sole focus is parking and we have over 22 years of experience.   We know valet parking and we know it better than anyone else. Don't just take our word for it, we encourage you to talk to our clients or even visit us at any public location where we provide our services.

We can provide our services for private and public events at any location or establishment for both short and long terms.
■ Private Events
■ Country Clubs
■ Restaurants
■ Weddings
■ Charities Events
■ Galas
■ Political Events & Fund Raisers
■ Corporate Events
We begin with a full assessment of everything and anything having to do with parking, whatever the situation may be at any location , or surface. Our role is to implement a plan and oversee parking operations.
■ Festivals
■ Sporting Events
■ Concerts
■ Fireworks
■ Church Events
■ Carnivals
■ Graduations
■ School Events
We provide professional and practical advice to busisnesses experiencing parking issues. We excel in planning and designing effective parking solutions where the benefits to the client far exceed the cost of using our services.
■ Layout and design
■ Signage and way finding
■ Operational, management
■ Parking strategies
■ Safety and security
■ Maximizing space
■ Traffic evaluation
■ In-house Valet